EDLive is new for a range of learners who have barriers to their learning which we think we now have the answer to.

We have continued to enhance our platform delivery so that there is now daily and weekly time tabled slots available for learners to have 'LIVE TEACHING' in a virtual classroom or one to one sessions.  We follow a specific scheme of work and have specific objectives per day per week so that there is a simple sructure available for all

Tutors and Learners can follow any of the following approaches: 

  • a time tabled approach where lessons are scheduled for thier delivery,
  • drop in sessions,
  • live teaching,
  • live support / tutoring on one to one or one to ten,
  • ad-hoc sessions for students to have online support when requested


Distance learning has become a fundamental fact of life for many students within the UK. Online provision has created new learning opportunities for students all over the world. Using EDQuals, distance learners can benefit from convenience, flexibility and importantly support just as any other learner within a bricks can.

Support is often a concern for the distance learner but, with EDQuals, especially with 'EDLive'  our teaching and mentor support system within our virtual classroom incorporates an in-house and face to face chat system (where a tutor can view the exact lesson that a learner is working on facilitating real time connection and learning.

In this way the learner learning at distance can access the help needed when required as they progress through their learning pathways and truly feel connected to the world of education. 

All our staff are enhanced DBS checked and all communications is tracked and recorded for safeguarding.

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