Create any type of online examination or assessment, run it anywhere in the world, at any time, for any number of candidates. All within one simple-to-use, flexible, secure and locked down application.

EDExams is proud to work in conjunction with EDQuals so that any coursework, qualification, CPD or tailor made programme that requires an examination or further examination can be independently accessed using EDExams locked down and secure application. Once the additional programme is complete the learners will receive comprehension tasks to confirm their understanding measuring learners progress and identifying impact. 

EDExams Software

EDExams is a market-leading professional end-to-end assessment and examination application. The application is used for the production, administration, delivery, marking and reporting of computer based assessments and examinations. EDExams is the first choice of organisations that need a dependable solution for large-scale, secure formative and summative testing on a locked down application with the support of an outstanding and experienced customer service and technical team.

Who We Help

Awarding organisation

Extend the international reach of certification programmes and simplify exam logistics by moving assessments online. Members welcome the flexibility and convenience and you maintain security and integrity.


Measure training effectiveness, assess the capabilities and knowledge of your teams, run certification programmes for employees and partners or run tests for recruiting new staff, EDExams can help.

Educational Bodies

Reach beyond the exam hall with EDExams to improve exam quality and efficiency. Whether it’s faculty exams, formative assessment or distance education, EDExams can fully integrate with your current systems.

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